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Red ochre | ColourLex

The main color giving component of natural red ochre (ocher) is composed of hematite (∝-Fe 2 O 3).The term red ochre (ocher) or red earth describes various kinds of iron oxide pigments such as Venetian red, mars red, English red, Indian red.

Iron Ochre And Related Sludge Deposits In Subsurface

slime, and iron sulfide. Iron deposits, collectively named ochre, are the most serious and widespread. Ochre deposits and associated slimes are usually red, yellow, or tan in color. Ochre is filamentous (from bacterial filaments), amorphous (more than 90% water), and has a high iron …

Iron Bacteria (Iron Ochre) In Wet Basements

When iron ochre is present in the water used to wash laundry, it can also ruin any clothing washed in it. The porous surfaces of concrete will absorb iron-ochre-laden water, leaving deep stains that are especially difficult to remove. Iron ochre has also been known …


Red ochre, Fe 2 O 3, takes its reddish colour from the mineral hematite, which is an anhydrous iron oxide. Purple ochre, is identical to red ochre chemically but of a different hue caused by different light diffraction properties associated with a greater average particle size.

Iron Ochre Problems in Agricultural Drains Ministry

DESCRIPTION OF IRON OCHRE Iron ochre is a yellow tan or red jelly-like substance most easily observed in open ditches and drain outlets. When wet, it is generally a red slimy substance. Upon . CONTACT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BRANCH Geoff Hughes-Games, Provincial Soil Specialist (Written by: Roger Bryant, .

Iron Water: The Problem with Iron Ochre | Basement

Basement Systems, Inc. highlights the danger of iron ochre in our water to home drainage systems. Iron is one of the earth’s most plentiful resources, making up at least five percent of the earth’s crust.

ResourcesRed Ochre

Red Ochre Social Enterprise Fact Sheets, created by Red Ochre for Business Link London Newsletter archive , a record of recent Red Ochre newsletters with funding opportunities, resources and news Podcasts , listen and watch clips of the team in action

OchreThe Oldest Known Natural Pigment in the World

Ochre is thought generally to be red, but in fact is a naturally-occurring yellow mineral pigment, consisting of clay, siliceous materials and the hydrated form of iron oxide known as limonite. Limonite is a general term referring to all forms of hydrated iron oxide, including goethite, which is the fundamental component of the ochre earths.

Ochre Pigment / Ochre PowderReade Advanced Materials

Ochre is a mineral earth oxide that occurs naturally. These natural oxides vary in color, but are often red or yellow. Ochre can be produced to meet deftinite color, compositional and physical specifications.

Wyoming State Geological Survey

Red Ochre and Clovis. By Chamois Andersen. Between 11,500 and 13,000 years, it is considered one of the oldest mining sites in North America. Discovered at the historic Sunrise Iron Mine, near Hartville, red ochre mined by Paleo-Indians was used as a pigment.

Iron Ochre Control MethodsBC Ministry of Agriculture

“Iron Ochre Problems in Agricultural Drains”. The following are three possible approaches in dealing with iron ochre problems: 1. Precipitation of Iron in the Soil. 2. Retardation of Clogging in the Drains. 3. Ochre Removal. 1. PROMOTION OF OXIDATION AND PRECIPITATION OF IRON IN THE SOIL The objective of this approach is to cause the

Hematite Powder / Red Iron Oxide (Fe2O3)Reade

Red iron oxide, Ferric oxide, Fe203, Iron(III) oxide, Jeweler’s rouge, Iron sesquioxide, Anhydrous iron oxide, CAS 1309-37-1, Red ochre, MIL-I-706A, Specular iron, English red, Mars red, Red iron trioxide, Indian red, Alpha-ferric oxide, Alpha-iron oxide, Anhydrous iron oxide, Anhydrous oxide of iron, Blended red oxides of iron, Caput mortuum .

Red Ochre

Red Ochre has written a wide range of guides and briefing papers on technical issues, management disciplines and soft skills. A number of factsheets were produced for …

Use of red ochre by early Neandertals | PNAS

The use of manganese and iron oxides by late Neandertals is well documented in Europe, especially for the period 60–40 kya. Such finds often have been interpreted as pigments even though their exact function is largely unknown. Here we report significantly older iron oxide finds that constitute the earliest documented use of red ochre by Neandertals.

Ochre Mining

The red iron ore was levered out with a pointed stick as a chisel and a stone as a hammer. They squeezed into narrow crevices to get at the ochre. One instance is known of a woman getting stuck in a crevice, having to be pulled out by the legs.

Iron Oxide Pigments (Natural)Minerals

Small parcels were gently roasted and processed to produce a red ochre. Nickeliferous ochre has been identified at Claude Hills in the Musgrave Block. Drilling has outlined irregular bodies within ultramafic masses of Giles Complex basic igneous host rocks. Resources have been estimated at 6 Mt.

Prehistoric Mining.Ancient-Wisdom

This cave site, occupied ca.250,000 B. P., yielded a specimen of red ochre that was striated on two faces with marks of abrasion together with a flat rubbing stone with a granular crystalline surface that had been abraded in the center possibly during the preparation of ochre powder (Marshack 1981: 138).

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Iron Bacteria (Iron Ochre) In Wet Basement Environments

Iron Bacteria And Wet Basements What Iron Ochre Is, How It’s Caused, And How To Handle It . and is also sometimes called iron ochre. This bacteria is a natural part of the environment in most parts of the world, and is especially present in Canada. . the Idaho Water Resources Research Institute reports that iron bacteria is almost .

Pompeiian red | ColourLex

Pompeiian red is actually burnt sienna from Tuscany. The main color giving component of this pigment is iron oxide. It contains around 50% iron oxide and varied amounts of clay and quartz. It is chemically not distinguishable from yellow ochres, the only significant difference being the color.


1309-37-1 – JEIPFZHSYJVQDO-UHFFFAOYSA-N – Ferric oxide [NF] – Similar structures search, synonyms, formulas, resource links, and other chemical information.

benefication of red ochre

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What Colour Is Ochre? |

Ochre is a natural pigment created from clay and sediment deposits, in colors ranging from yellow to dark red and brown. Minerals such as hydrated iron oxide give ochre …

The WaterGuard®: IOS Iron Ochre Perimeter Drain System

The WaterGuard® is a common-sense solution for iron bacteria and iron ochre problems. What It Does. In some rare cases, a home with a high level of iron or manganese in the soil and/or groundwater will allow the growth of a microorganism known as iron bacteria.