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Conveyor Belt Sludge

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Trough & Sidewall Belt Conveyer | Material Handling

Custom Conveyor Corp manufactures both sidewall and trough belt conveyors specifically designed for your industry. Belt conveyors are ideal for transporting municipal waste water treatment bio-solids, sludge, lime sludge, screenings or grit.

Sludge Conveyor | Serpentix Sludge Handling Solutions

The sludge conveyor – Model H is the heaviest duty Serpentix designed to convey sludge up to 400 tons per hour at maximum speeds on slightly more than 100 feet per minute over distances up to 500 feet. Belt widths for Model H are 20″, 26″, and 32″.

Sludge Conveyors | E-ZLIFT Conveyors

Dewatered Sludge | Sludge Handling Conveyor Model: TRS-050. The Troughing-Roller Sludge Conveyor is ideal for corrosive or humid environments, and extended duty applications, such as the handling of dewatered sewer sludge and other dewatered solids.Common installations include water treatment plants. The belt conveyor design provides an advantage over screw conveyor designs …

Belt Conveyors

Frac Sand Conveyor System. Belt Conveyors. Shuttle Conveyor for handling Petroleum Coke. Heavy Duty Heap Leaching Equipment for gold ore, silver ore, copper ore, uranium ore, etc. Radial Stacking Conveyor for SO2 Sludge. coal handling conveyor system. processing eaf dust. gypsum conveying system. gypsum limestone conveying system. lignite coal .

Conveyors for Sludge

Power-Pack Conveyor Company manufactures conveyors for a wide variety of applications.

Serpentix Corporation | ConveyorsAutomationFabrication

Serpentix was established in 1969 and began its future with the design and manufacture of belt conveyors. We have since added an automation and fabrication

sludge belt conveyor Equipment | Environmental XPRT

Belt sludge dryer removes water of sludge on the conveyor belt in drying channel by circulating dry air so as to reduce the size and weight of sludge. The product can treat sludge from belt-type, centrifugal, and plate-and-frame dehydrators.

JMS Bio-BELT (Belt Conveyor System) Advantages

JMS was asked to participate by supplying a Distribution Bio-BELT (Belt Conveyor System) with diverter, and four Reversing Bio-BELT (Belt Conveyor System) cross conveyors to distribute biosolids within the storage facility.

ConveyorsSebright Products Inc./Bright Technologies

U-trough type conveyor folds for transportation and sets up in minutes. These conveyors feature an active belt alignment system which is also designed to reduce sludge build up …

Sludge Handling | SPIRAC Solid Handling Solutions

SPIRAC supplies complete and robust sludge handling systems that are both low cost and low maintenance. Conveyors and storage systems combine the unique spiral technology with highly efficient design. SPIRAC silos offer versatile storage options with their flexible design that can be purposed for ground level or raised storage.

Sludge ConveyorsThomasNet

Turnkey custom manufacturer of standard and custom conveyors for sludge applications. Types of conveyors include belt, horizontal, stacking, screw, chain and drag conveyors. 30 in. and 36 in. wide belt conveyors with lengths ranging from 30 ft. up to 60 ft. are available. Conveyors are available with starter controls, belt scrapers and safety .

E-ZLIFT Conveyors | USA Manufacturing and Distribution

Multilift offers direct sales and rental of lightweight general utility conveyors for dirt, sand, rock, aggregate, boxes, and more. We also feature standard models for storage and industrial applications including tire, sludge, and coal handling.

ConveyorsCST Wastewater Solutions

Shaftless Conveyors STS Description and Working Principle. STS-type Shaftless Spiral Conveyors follow the principle of traditional shaftless screw conveyor design. The shaftless spiral is driven by a direct drive without the need for hanger bearings. Lengths of up …

Sewage sludge conveying technique: Our tube chain conveyor

A single tube chain conveyor can often replace several systems, e.g. a combination of a bucket elevator and screw conveyor. This way, the sewage sludge can be transported straight from the drying system to the silo using only one means of transport. The tube chain conveyor can also

Sludge Cake Belt Conveyors | Products & Suppliers

Steel Belt Conveyors Move a broad range of materials efficiently. More versatile than other types of conveyors, the steel belt conveyor can be used to handle any type of metal scrap — from bushy material to chips and turnings, wet or dry — in any volume, and in a wide variety of conveyor paths. It’s capable of combining horizontal and .

Sludge Conveyors | Precision Stainless Systems

Precision Stainless Systems have over 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Sludge Conveyors and Waste Transfer Conveyors, used for the transfer of hard or soft waste. We supply complete and robust sludge handling systems that are both low cost and low maintenance.

Belt ConveyorsTaylor Automated Material Handling

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors. A conveyor line basically unaffected by extreme heat and cold, making them ideal for transporting product through ovens or freezers. The open area of a wire mesh belt facilitates effectiveness in cooling, coating, draining, heating and drying processes.

Rent Portable Conveyor Belt Systems | NY, NJ, CT | Durante

Portable conveyors and conveyor belt systems help transport construction materials from point A to point B with speed and precision. Conveyors can move dirt, rock, sand, debris, small rubble, cement, gravel, sludge, firewood and just about any loose or packaged material.

Inclined Shaftless Conveyor for Conveying and Elevating

The KWS-340 shaftless screw conveyor was the best option to convey damp, abrasive and sluggish sludge from the centrifuge. The KWS shaftless conveyor design has the advantage of having tight clearances so all the sludge could be fully captured and conveyed with very little left behind.

Belt Filter Press Systems for Sludge Dewatering

A second gravity thickener repeats the process before sludge is fed into a pressing zone. Upon entering the pressing zone, sludge is sandwiched and squeezed between two belt filters which slowly convey over and under rollers that force excess water out of the sludge and through the filter mesh.

SPIRAC Screening, Grit & Sludge handling solutions

SPIRAC is all about screening, grit & sludge handling solutions. With SPIRAC solids handling solutions, you can have total confidence in a global leader. SPIRAC® enjoys more than 40 years of worldwide success and long-standing partnerships with customers. Not something you earn overnight.

Sludge DewateringBelt PressesCST Wastewater Solutions

Sludge Dewatering – Belt Presses Belt Presses. CST Wastewater Solutions offers a range of Belt Presses from 500 mm wide to 3000 mm. The Belt Presses feature rotary drum thickeners or gravity deck thickening. The heavy duty design makes our belt presses a reliable and long lasting machine.

Drag Chain Flight Conveyors by Endura-Veyor, Inc.

Drag Chain Flight Conveyor. Endura-Veyor, Inc.’s Drag Chain Flight Conveyor (also known as a scraper conveyor) was specifically designed for applications that are too abrasive or problematic for a steel belt conveyor and for non-ferrous materials that cannot be moved with a magnetic slide conveyor.

Conveyors | sludge processing | CLASS A BIOSOLIDS

In addition to designing and building high quality, cost-effective, user-friendly sludge processing equipment, Charter Machine Company also builds and delivers conveyor systems if desired. Conveyors are built to specifications and can be customized to your …